Year  2023     Services Industrial Design     Tools Rhino / Keyshot / Photoshop

The objective of this project was to design a casual dinner chair for smaller cafes and restaurants that prioritize locally produced ingredients and want to reflect that in their interior design. The aim was to use locally sourced materials from southern Sweden, integrate design and construction to simplify the manufacturing process, and reduce material waste. Additionally, the distribution of the chair was intended to be easy to deliver and more environmentally friendly.

The chair was designed for casual dining and adapted for a maximum sitting time of 30-45 minutes. The chair is stackable to free up space and to facilitate easy cleaning of the cafes and restaurants. It was constructed using ash material that is easy to wipe off food residues. The target group for this chair is restaurant visitors who enjoy the food at the restaurant and the staff who maintain the restaurant environment.

Overall, this project aimed to create a chair that was functional, sustainable, and in line with the values of the cafes and restaurants that would use it. The final product met these objectives, using locally sourced materials, incorporating design and construction to simplify manufacturing and reduce waste, and making it easy to distribute.