Year  2022     Services  Interior/Graphic Design     Tools Rhino / Keyshot / Photoshop

Aiko sushi was founded in 2016 by Quang Tran and Nguyet Bui in Lund Sweden and their ambition is to deliver fresh and high-quality sushi in southern Sweden.

I got assigned to make a new interior and brand design proposal for Aiko sushi, the idea was to create a harmonious atmosphere where people can enjoy good food in a calm and refreshing environment.

Aiko sushi stands for fresh and high-quality sushi, you can clearly see what you are eating and it is made of clean ingredients. It reminds a lot of the simplicity of minimalism therefore wanted to design the interior in a combination of Swedish/Japanese minimalism.

The main thing has been to combine aesthetics with functionality. A have chosen a warm colour tone to make the environment feel cosy and inviting, oak slats decorate the walls, while they fulfil an aesthetic element, they also act as sound absorption and lower the sound volume in the restaurant.

Green plants fill the environment to supply fresh oxygen and create harmony in the room. The last thing is the indigo blue porcelain significant for Aiko sushi.