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It is estimated that the world’s population in 2050 will rise to 9.7 billion. By then, 67% of the global population will live in cities, creating both challenges and opportunities. For cities to become more sustainable, all aspects of what we design must be more efficient and environmentally sustainable. A natural evolution would be a more compact city with compact architecture, design and product solutions.

When you live in small spaces, you need unique solutions that facilitate and maximize the space you live in, a flexible solution, if you are short on space, can be a compact dining table that is easy to fold up and down. Perfect for the flexible home with limited areas in.

A flexible folding table in oak. It is easy to fold up and down, perfect for a flexible home with limited areas, for example, the kitchen or work corner.

Anti-wear and tear, making products that last a long time and can be repaired using spare parts is a prerequisite for sustainable consumption. The best for the environment can also be the best for the economy.